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Dears, allowed us to tell you the story about Macedonia…. the land of wonders...

At the heart of the Balkans at a crossroads in the center of the world's largest civilizations, where thought the remains you will enter in a magical world of rich archaeology, art, culture and impeccable nature and beauty - you'll see a unique global story - Macedonia. The only country where history is written in the magic of time and relics of unique music with 7/8 beat that are opening the gates of the east, west, north and south… On entering the country from its northern border is located one of the largest man-made wonders… Fourth Observatory recorded by NASA - KOKINO. Thus begins observation of the Sun and Moon.

Next great sight is the citadel of the great Roman emperor Justiniana Prima in the capital - Skopje, surrounded by the canyon Matka and the beautiful monasteries and churches that speak about life in the Middle Ages in this region. At the center of Skopje you can also feel the orient thought old Bazaar and wonderful Architecture. Skopje is the birth place of the great Nobel Mother Teresa and in her honor you can visit the Memorial House which tells you about her life. The story continues in Central Macedonia, the region of the best wine with beautiful plantation vineyards and wineries with wine houses. Wine route in Macedonia is a story that must be experienced for the perfect blend of traditional food and wine combined with Sun.

Sun as a creator of miracles, the greatest wonders are created in the South – East of the country. Here you will find the most beautiful organic fruits and vegetables. That’s a region of fertile land and healthy food and untouched nature, waterfalls, spa, and monuments of mankind. Finally the sun sets in the West - the most beautiful tourist destination in Macedonia. Fantastic nature, national parks, artificial and natural lakes and wonders of nature and history meet you on the road of North – Western Macedonia….On the end of the route you will enter into the European JERUSALEM - Ohrid. The city protected by UNESCO known by the oldest university in the world. The city with the most beautiful lake, architecture and spectaculars landscapes…If you visit Macedonia once be sure that it won’t be the last…


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